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  1. That sounds awesome! Wonderful idea guys ? --- Finally ACC Leaders are voted by the local members and not anymore appointed by some international Manager team, who usually pick someone they like and not asking the members of the ACC which leader they would rather prefer. Only half a year? That´s quite short. Think about it, after 6 months the different leaders (ACC and departments) finally got familiarized with their work and then the next vote is already around the corner. So in theory it would be possible that every 6 months a new ACC leader is elected who always first has to get familiarized with his work and when he finally became acquainted, another ACC leader is elected who starts from the beginning and so on. I worry that if too many different ACC leaders are elected, nobody will have a chance to finish all the work. I would rather have at least a 1-year, better a 2-year ruling term. That way ACC leaders have a fair chance to get acquainted and really do their best for the community, without always thinking about the next election. In addition, the ACC members can really judge the current leader after 2 years and reelect the leader with a good conscience, if the leader really did a fine job. Surely there are at least some requirements, like being at least 18 years old or having certain ratings, right? Did I understand it correctly, that a FIR is on a same level as a ACC? Would that mean, that a FIR has a FIR leader and a complete FIR staff of deputy, events, navigation and mentoring?
  2. Hi Martin, thank you for answering! It´s nice to know that you´re planning to assemble a staff with voluntary workers, just like the other networks. I fully agree what you write about new members and the important first contact. Mentors are essential to networks, they help new members to understand the complexity of the aviation and teach them the basics of ATC. Similar to the “Service Team” of the German division of IVAO. ? Speaking of a voluntary staff, how are you going to find the people needed for this work? Will you publish staff vacancies in the near future?
  3. Dear Rotate Network Team, your ATC Career sounds very interesting. I like the idea that new controllers have to begin at a small airfield, start with handling VFR and learn the ATC basics step by step. ATC can be very challenging at the beginning, especially if someone doesn´t have any prior knowledge in the field of aviation. And freezing the ATC rating if the ATC is inactive for a long time sounds fair, as long you can activate your old rating again through a renewal training. But I do have some questions about this system: - In the text, you are talking about “Mentors” and “Trainers”. Who will be Mentor, Trainer and Examiner? Will they be voluntary workers just like many other people in the other networks? Or are you planning on having a professional and trained staff, who are paid for their work and working shifts? Maybe even 24/7 service? - “We make sure that before you man a position (…) a mentor will speak with you.” Does that mean that new ATC applicants must complete a basic instruction with a mentor? (aka Pflichteinweisung?) - How do you define a “Region”? Is Region = FIR / ARTCC ? And are ATC restricted to certain regions?
  4. If the information was already released, could somebody show me where it is? I was looking at the website, forums and at Facebook but couldn´t find it. Or is the presentation of ATC Career System delayed and has it a new release date?
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