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  1. Björn Tuma

    Membership Pricing

    there are other services which takes the same or even more and offer even less.. i'm sure it's fair and that people will join it
  2. Björn Tuma

    Membership Pricing

    i'm personally happy with this price.. of course i would looking forward to maybe get a discount for longterm membership ;-) Only thing i would had guessed, would have been that ATC-only were free. So like at an other network only pilots pay for the service ;-) At the end the quality of your announced features will make the decision. People will watch out for Streams/video's of this network and think twice if they want to apply.. this can have con's but also pro's! Edit: One Question. Will VA-Manager also require to make a subscription to use Airline features for there pilots? Example: Person A is the CEO of his VA ABC. Some of his pilots want to fly on this network. Person A is no subscriper, but he wants to have his Schedules and that stuff of his airline entered in the network. Will this be possible?
  3. Hey folks, after watching the first pic's of this project, i spoke to my staff. We are all very interessted in it. We would like to expand our service also to the rotate network, if possible, and would like to support rotate within our possibility's. I would like to introduce my Airline: We are a small Community of the Twitch streamer "Blackbox 711". He is as former A320 captain who provides us with highly detailed and technical information regarding aviation in general and the A320 in particular. This includes background knowledge, SOPs (standard operating procedures) and how to deal with failures, topped up with anecdotes from his flying carreer. One of the recurrent themes is engine failures and how to tackle them and Blackbox is always more than happy to ditch one or sometimes even two engines (hence the name of our community!) just to show us his superb flying skills by pulling off a perfect emergency landing a few minutes later. Additionaly we providing a Flight Academy. We fill the Academy with topics from time-to-time, to make your start with online-flying on a network, easier! Another feature of his streams is the group flights with the community. From that an idea was born: why not to create a virtual airline, where you can fly with other people - or do it later on your own - to train yourself to become a good virtual pilot. The main goal of this is not to get a virtual airline, which works like the real thing. Rather, the goal is to get all the information, hints, tipps, tricks and know-how together to increase our flight experience and share our common passion for aviation. Everybody is free to join! There are no special rules for this airline, except having fun, and being respectful and friendly to each other. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact someone of the Airline. Additinal Operation Zones: Operating in FSEconomy Operating in AirHauler2 Creating special Events (Tour's with multiple Leg's, Groupflights on network, etc..) If you have questions regarding OEO, please feel free to ask below this topic or contact me via info[at]oneengineout.com Best regards, Björn Founder OneEngineOut Airways VA www.oneengineout.com
  4. Do i understand right, that Aircraft location and unique aircrafts will be an optional option for an airline?
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