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  1. Just saw the latest feature release post, which answered most of my questions. I probably should be more patient ...
  2. I like the idea of lean hierarchies! Seems we can use all our efforts for the ACCs and our fellow members.
  3. Nice to hear. Really hoping for an evolution to replace the old networks. Not really found an answer there, this is why I asked here. Nothing published yet about data management of ATC software or organisation of developers. So I expect then this to be announced at a later stage. I'll read all the posts anyway.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I think it's fair to ask for a membership fee. It just should be clear what is paid from it so nobody raises wrong expectations. This could be crucial for the success. I am personally sceptic that members are willing to contribute the same way as on networks like IVAO/VATSIM. They might get lazy and not feel a commitment because "they pay". So I think it's important to provide from the begin a ready-to-use solution and not only ensure working programs and infrastructure, but also the required content and regular reviews and updates in order to establish and maintain a high quality level. It would help if you can "draw the line" between what is payed and provided and what has to be completed by the paying members. Do you consider software developers as part of the community or do you plan to buy this service externally? Will you provide a database for things like navigation data, aircraft, airports, .. ?
  5. I think the difficult part will be to initially reach the critial number of members which are willing to pay for a network of which the success and the activity are be unknown. Either you find enough people taking this "risk", or you have to offer special conditions. Time will show. To come back to a question raised earlier in the ACC forum regarding reward of members contributing to the value of the network. I'm not expecting you pay anyone since I guess the money will be needed to cover infrastructure costs. But a clear transparency regarding finances will definitely improve confidence. My original question was concerning local ACC units and its work to be done to provide specific training documents, charts, ATC procedures, ATC client data, organize events, negotiate LoAs et cetera. There will be a huge need of local knowledge to bring in realism and you will depend on such people to make it really a vital network. So the entire network and all members only taking that services and information provided will profit from this knowledge and work and pay for it. Probably similar to the work of the software developers. Do they contribute for free and also pay a fee? Or will members with essential contributions profit from any benefit?
  6. A common typo: ACC Switzerland (instead ACC Swiss, you also wouldn't use ACC German) How do you plan to reward (since there will be a fee) members contributing to the network by providing information, documentation and region/country specific knowledge?
  7. Please make your database relying on current information. Just remarked in this screenshot, Basel is no longer using the ICAO code LSZM (since many, many years) and the airport is on french soil ... So better validate your sources before even start using them. Or another proposal: make error reporting an easy process.
  8. Do you consider the implementation of different radio sites used by the same controller? If obstacles are taken into account for limited coverage, this option should be provided to simulate coverage as in real life.
  9. Do you also plan the option to run the strip board on a separate device connected via a (local) network? So that this board doesn't necessarily has to be on the same machine as the main ATC application?
  10. What will be the source of the weather data? Will you synchronize with applications like Active Sky? How accurate will the display be compared to what pilots see in their cockpit?
  11. I see your CPDLC is planned in a separate window and most likely an adaption to the MUAC system. How about an integration to tag items (especially for things like level, HDG and speed)?
  12. Is it also possible to simulate a simple DF from a single position? This would be usually indicated as a line from the VDF position in the direction where the signal is coming from and thus also facilitate to locate the aircraft which did a transmission.
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