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  1. Hey Sergio, we have shown you what is possible, but it is now in the hands of you and the community to bring this project to live. We have said from the beginning, that we can't finance this on our own. If the Kickstarter Campaign is unsuccessful, there will be no new network.
  2. Welcome, Serbia
  3. Hey Damian, thanks for letting us know. We will look into it.
  4. Glad to have you all! For all of you who have missed it, our Kickstarter Campaign is now live. Help us bring this project to live!
  5. Yeah after giving it more thought, you are right. We have updated the perks.
  6. We are proud to announce that Rotate Network’s Kickstarter campaign is live. The future of virtual aviation depends on the following month, and this is where you come in. Now is the critical time, and we ask you to keep in mind that every time you spread the news about us the likelihood of others helping fund this project increases. We are extremely grateful to all of our supporters who have given us feedback in the forum, on Facebook and via e-mail, because without you, we wouldn’t even be this far. We want to go even further with you, and look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible into the ranks of the Rotate Founders. You are the community, you are the back which bears all our hopes and we can’t make our vision a reality without your help. Join us on Kickstarter now!
  7. All Rotate software will be built, maintained and updated by our own in-house developers. There will be global navigational data available, including AIRAC data. Local procedures are still in the hands of local ACCs or FIRs. Everything that gets created by a local organisation (ACC or FIR) with our editor for navigational data must be approved and is then added to the global database. We will keep you posted on new developments
  8. Hey, Jonas, have you taken a look at our website? Most of your questions, if not all are answered there. I believe we have made it clear in each and every feature release, what you get and where we depend on the community. Does not make sense to me. Let me just say, the overwhelmingly positive commitment and contributions we have gotten from the community prove otherwise. Find out more at https://rotate.network/ and our feature releases, where we tell you exactly what you can expect from Rotate.
  9. Yes, we have a feature release planned regarding this in the coming days.
  10. This tool is only used for the final approach.
  11. There will be different types of strips for different purposes (including approach) available.
  12. Hey Didier, if traffic isn't large enough, simulation sessions will always be available. For Info Tower training there is no session planned, but trainees or mentors can still initiate them if needed. After completing the steps to get an info tower licence, beginner air traffic controllers should be able to man any Info Tower in the region. Certain airports might be restricted to new controllers due to complexity.
  13. All Staff positions will be posted on the official website, vacancies will also be visible there. But being realistic here, we can't go looking for staff to fill positions all around the world everytime something changes. That would be mostly the responsibility of the ACC leader. You can learn more about how ACCs are going to be organised in our feature release tomorrow. If you are asking about mentors and their recruitment, we will publicly advertise for mentor positions and there is a certification process required to become one.
  14. Hey Sven, we rely on voluntary mentors. For professional staff doing 24/7 shifts, we would need to charge members a lot more. Plus, that kind of takes the fun out of it. We want the community to be together. Especially as a new user we want you to have someone as your mentor, who you are going to control with throughout your career, who is part of your regional ATC team, who you can socialise and make friends with. Hiring professional staff to train you takes away that personal level of engagement, which we really want to foster. We want new members to feel welcome and have someone to go to right from the start. What better way of getting to know people in the network, than to have them talk to someone? This first contact is more about getting to know the trainee and showing him a few necessary things, making sure he is going to enjoy his time as a controller. It is not going to be as complex or strict as the basic instruction with a mentor (Pflichteinweisung) you have mentioned. As far as ACCs, FIRs and the likes are going to work you can check back tomorrow when we reveal the ATC organisational structure.
  15. Hey @Björn Tuma in order to register an airline with Rotate you need to be a member. If this VA CEO does not want to be a paying member then he might give one of his airline members, who are registered with us, the permission to act on his behalf in the Rotate network.
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