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  1. Roman Geber

    Membership Pricing

    Thanks for the lifetime option on the Kickstarter Campaign. Not cheap but I think this is around the same I paid for Star Trek Online when it came out. Paid off for more then a decade as I hopped on and off that game every now and then. So it's a fair amount to ask for. Would be nice if early life timers could also access Alpha/Beta and be counted as Founders. After all, they too have to wait for at least a year to see any return on ... erm, the expense cu Roman
  2. Roman Geber

    Membership Pricing

    Infrastructure shouldn't be much of a factor. Servers and network traffic are cheap enough to run IVAO/VATSIM several times over on a small budget, especially if leaner protocols and modern development techniques are used. The way I see it Rotate is a for profit company. Being able to pay developers, designers, painters, modellers, etc. allows them to spend a lot of time developing the network initially and then keeping it up to date. Volunteer based projects may not have that manpower available. Still, I salute the volunteer devs at IVAO/VATSIM for what they've done. One can only imagine what a company with a healthy, stable membership base can do. cu Roman
  3. Roman Geber

    Membership Pricing

    I voiced concerns about that price tag as well. After all, it's a 108 EUR/year offering. Quite a lot. But it seems as if additional value would be packaged along with the membership. Also, annual payments will be rewarded. On other forums people suggested a free trial period. I think of that as a good idea to help convince users. Personally I hope for a kickstarter lifetime option or another lifetime membership. Not a big fan of recurring payments. cu Roman
  4. @William Phelps I talked to my Swiss bank manager. Breaking the donations up into 3 million sized chunks shouldn't be a problem Thanks. Looking forward to see the actual campaign go live. cu Roman
  5. Talking about money. What kind of support do you expect from "Founders"? No specific answer needed, but it'd be nice to know how many digits the asking price will come with. Three, four ... five (?!). Just something to give us a clue as to how much money we should set aside for this particular title. cu Roman
  6. Hello What kind of format should the livery be in? Will one livery file "rule them all" or does the system require one paint per aircraft type? cu Roman
  7. That's a very interesting concept. It certainly makes sense. Crystal clear TeamSpeak Audio (for the most part anyway) isn't necessarily what you get "out there". Love it how you consider such details. cu Roman
  8. It'd be really nice to have one client for all sims. I fly P3D and XP11. Both sims are simply amazing and have their very own, unique advantages. But I must admit, that flying online with X-Plane is less enjoyable. The old XSquawkbox is simply that, old and X-Ivap doesn't always work for me. A big extra would be an MTL that requires only one repaint for all sims. Well, a man can dream cu Roman
  9. Roman Geber


    Very interested Several fictional airline concepts here but didn't finish the software in years due to lack of time to do make it release ready. Would love to learn more about the airline system, how it works and probably see it in action at some point. cu Roman
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