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  1. Our newly developed server software will run on servers around the globe, synching all the required data. The required bandwidth and the amount of data that’s going to be transferred will be reduced to a minimum by intelligent filtering on the client – and server – side. Without intensive alpha and beta testing, we can't tell exact values, but if you’re not connected via a 56k modem then everything should be fine.
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    Pilots have suffered for too long. Aviation Networks should be built for them, but joining a community of like-minded aviation enthusiasts can be quite a challenge for new pilots. Most of the time they do not have the same well-organised and welcoming community structures like ATC have. We want to change this by putting special emphasis on airlines. We will reveal more information about the Airline system we have planned in the next few weeks. We want to encourage our community members to create discussions, have general chat and organise community events. If you are interested in registering an airline, and have them fly on the Rotate Network, please reply to this topic.
  3. If you are in a national or regional, virtual ACC, or interested in joining one, then Rotate Network's Forum Club Directory is the place to find them. We want to encourage our community members to create discussions, have general chat and organise community events. Feel free to use your native languages in your Club area. ACC Afghanistan ACC Algeria ACC Argentina ACC Australia ACC Austria ACC Bangladesh ACC Belgium ACC Brazil ACC Canada ACC China ACC Czech Republic ACC Denmark ACC Egypt ACC Finland ACC France ACC Germany ACC Greece ACC India ACC Ireland ACC Italy ACC Japan ACC Mexico ACC Myanmar ACC Netherlands ACC New Zealand ACC Norway ACC Oceanic ACC Pakistan ACC Panama ACC Poland ACC Portugal ACC Russia ACC Saudi Arabia ACC Serbia ACC Singapore ACC South Africa ACC Spain ACC Sweden ACC Switzerland ACC Turkey ACC United Arab Emirates ACC United Kingdom ARTCC Albuquerque ARTCC Anchorage ARTCC Atlanta ARTCC Boston ARTCC Chicago ARTCC Cleveland ARTCC Denver ARTCC Fort Worth ARTCC Honolulu ARTCC Houston ARTCC Indianapolis ARTCC Jacksonville ARTCC Kansas City ARTCC Los Angeles ARTCC Memphis ARTCC Miami ARTCC Minneapolis ARTCC New York ARTCC Oakland ARTCC Salt Lake City ARTCC Seattle ARTCC Washington D.C.
  4. 29th September 2017, saw the launch of the Rotate Network's Website. The launch was announced via Twitter and Facebook, with followers advised to keep checking back as we reveal more details about how we will revolutionise the world of Virtual Aviation. We will also announce here in the forums and invite you all to give us your opinions. Quick Links: http://rotate.network https://www.facebook.com/rotate.network/ https://twitter.com/Rotate_Network
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