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Forum Rules and Guidelines

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To make sure that these community platforms remain a pleasant and enjoyable place to spend your time we have introduced a series of common sense rules which all players are asked to kindly abide by. 

The most important rules

  1. Be nice to each other.
  2. Keep your post relevant to the topic being discussed.
  3. Only speak for yourself – express your opinions and let others express theirs.
  4. Please do not post any content which is not permitted (see below for details). 
  5. Help us to help you – let us know about any posts or content which breach these rules, or causes you concern.

From time to time within any community, there will be occasions when people don’t see eye to eye on a given subject, or feel frustrated if they are unable to get others to see their point-of-view. When such situations occur it is important to remember that other people’s points-of-view are just as valid as your own. Showing respect for other people’s opinions is vital in making sure that our community remains the friendly and welcoming place we all want it to be.

When posting or sharing content

Keep your posts relevant - To help keep our community sites organised please keep your conversations and comments relevant to the topic which you are responding to. Although it might be tempting to dive into a popular discussion with a question about something else, this can often derail a conversation and frustrate other players. If you would like to talk about something different please create a new post or thread.

Keep your posts suitable for everyone – The community is made up of people of all ages, so it is extremely important that we maintain an environment which is free from content which could be considered upsetting or offensive in nature. If you are in any doubt as to if your content could be considered upsetting, please do not post it. Examples include, but are not limited to, porn, nudity or sexually explicit acts, sexual abuse, drugs or drug abuse, graphic or gratuitous violence.

Rotate does not tolerate content which is:

  • Illegal, such as drug use.
  • Represents abuse or exploitation such as child or sexual abuse.
  • Bullying or threats such as “You are ugly and should kill yourself”, “I am going to kill you”.
  • Discrimination of any kind such as sexism, racism or homophobia.

Posting etiquette

We encourage people to help us keep discussions on-topic and organised by following certain posting etiquette. Please refrain from:

  • Advertising - advertising relating to products produced by other companies and individuals are not allowed regardless of whether offered for sale or free. Please note that advertising is different from a recommendation. Do you like using an add-on of flight simulator by a third party developer? Then feel free to tell your fellow players about it. What you can’t do is post an advert for that add-on or flight simulator.
  • Spam - Everyone hates spam and we work hard to keep our community sites free from such content. Do not post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content.
  • Bypassing moderation controls like spelt out links or character replacing, e.g. cr4p or sh*t
  • Rage posting such as "This network sucks, I demand a refund".
  • POSTING IN ALL CAPS. There is no need to shout.
  • Posting content relating to soliciting, begging, auctioning, raffling, selling and referrals.
  • Posting content relating to religious, political, and other subjects prone to creating huge arguments.
  • Being intentionally unhelpful or purposefully providing false information. 
  • Posting of non-constructive comments or reviews (Example: "DO NOT BUY! Crap."). If you don’t like something, tell us, so we know how we can improve in the future.
  • Repeatedly posting the same thing over and over. Post it once and once only. Continually posting the same thing over and over will be considered spamming.

Helping us helps you

Although we have a hands-on approach to community engagement, we do sometimes miss problem comments, posts or other content. We simply cannot be everywhere at once. You can help us maintain an inviting community by self-policing posts and flagging inappropriate content to us or the service providers who run the websites.

Engaging with the Rotate Network team

While we try our best to respond to as many people as we possibly can, sadly we cannot reply to everyone personally across all our sites. This does not mean that we are not reading your comments and posts, so if we don’t reply to your directly please do not be disheartened.


To protect members of the community, keep sites organised and encourage discussions our community team may remove without warning posts, content and comments which we consider inappropriate. Rotate reserves the right to remove any posts, content, and comments from our community sites without warning and at our discretion.

If you disagree with one of our decisions, please do not create a new topic, post, comment or thread complaining about it. Doing so is considered to be spamming. The best response is to contact us through our support team to discuss the matter calmly.

Please note that we will not publicaly discuss or comment on individuals who have been banned.

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